Love is a weapon 
Anonymous said: you're welcome <333


Anonymous said: i'm going to stay anon, but i just wanted to tell you you're beautiful and you seem like a great person, and if i lived by you i'd definitely try to date you and i'd never break your heart, and i'd treat you like a princess. but unfortunately that's not possible, but please know that someone will come along who does <3

omfg ily this is so sweet and I read it like 3 times and knowing people like you exist is comforting thank you so much

I want to fall asleep and skip 4 years of my life and see if anything is at least slightly better. Maybe i won’t be so alone and maybe i will find somebody that always wants to spend time with me and is afraid to lose me for once, instead of the other way around. Maybe i might be far away and happier. I don’t know i just want to sleep until then because at this point my hopes and desires have disappeared and i can’t seem to find anything to look forward to anymore. It feels like the same days are on repeat and i’ve been fading away from everybody’s memories for months.


idk just please stop hurting me